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The Griffon Korthals, the dog with an eboiruffé and rustic appearance

In spite of its ruffled and rustic appearance, the Griffon Korthals has nothing to envy to the continental pointing dogs thanks to its golden heart and its strong working capacity. It is a dog that does not shy away from effort and is ready to do anything to defend its social group.

Characteristics of the Griffon Korthals

There are no two like it. It must be said that its rustic appearance is its trademark. The Griffon Korthals is immediately noticeable by its coarse, hard and rough coat that resembles that of the boar. The coat will be steel gray with brown undertones or it can also be white and orange or white and brown. Dog lovers will agree that this is not the most beautiful of dogs, a small flaw overshadowed by its many qualities that we will develop below.

For the moment, let's linger in front of this vigorous and robust body which is between 50 and 60 cm and weighs between 20 and 30 kg. The Griffon Korthals has a large and long head marked by bushy eyebrows, a beard on the cheeks and thick whiskers that hide the lips. Its ears are flat-lying and of medium size.

History of the Griffon Korthals breed

The Griffon Korthals is an ancient dog. Its traces go back even to the Antiquity. However, it was not until the 16th century in Germany that the Griffon Korthals really made a name for itself. It owes its success to the Dutchman Eduard Karel Kortals, a kennel master who decided to improve the breed through a program of selections and crosses with Pointers, Barbets and French Braques. Moreover, the Griffon Korthals owes its name to him. This dog was mainly used to guard herds, especially in Europe and the United States. Its official recognition will be effective in 1954.

Living conditions and behavior of the Griffon Korthals

Because of its highly developed hunting instinct, the Griffon Korthals prefers to live in a place where it can be free. Small confined apartments are certainly not for him. He needs regular physical exercise to stay in shape. Besides, he is a courageous, powerful and resistant dog with a strong sense of territory and protection. He is loyal to his masters that he will secure against dangers. It is also an affectionate, gentle and intelligent dog that makes a great pet, especially since it can quickly become very close to children. On the other hand, it is necessary to pay attention to its side cabochard. Its strong character is to be channeled from a young age via an adapted education.

Food and main health problems of the Griffon Korthals

The Griffon Korthals is not a dog that gets sick easily. It takes a lot for him to get to that point. It resists very well to bad weather and cold. However, there are certain pathologies that need to be closely monitored, such as prostate problems. The Griffon Korthals can also be subject to hip dysplasia. As far as food is concerned, you should provide about 350 g of kibble daily, divided into two meals. Otherwise, homemade food based on poultry, fish, meat and vegetables will also suit him.