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The Great Swiss Mountain Dog, a dog with a calm and affectionate character

It is also affectionately called "Boubou", a nickname that fits like a glove if we can say to the Great Swiss Mountain Dog, because denoting a soft, calm and affectionate character which corresponds to him precisely. This dog will make a pleasant companion in families looking for a balanced animal.

Characteristics of the Great Swiss Mountain Dog

This large dog will certainly not go unnoticed during your walks. It measures between 60 and 72 cm for a weight oscillating between 35 and 50 kg. The Great Swiss Mountain Dog develops a solid bone structure and a body all in muscle. Its massive head is free of heaviness, with a broad, flat skull, a strong muzzle, a black nose and a slightly accentuated stop. Special mention for its powerful jaws which remind us that this breed is a molossoid. His eyes, from which one can read kindness and vivacity, are almond-shaped and not extremely large. They are raised by a hazel color to brown. As for the ears, they are carried hanging and triangular in shape. The Great Swiss Mountain Dog has a short, tight and hard coat. The coat is tricolored on a background of black and tan with traces of white.

History of the breed Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Historically, the Great Swiss Mountain Dog is derived from the Butchers' Mastiff. It was originally used to guard herds. However, because of its large size, it was not very efficient in this task and was then converted to pulling meat carcasses. This breed was officially recognized as such in 1909. The first standard established by the FCI was published in 1939. It should be noted that the Great Swiss Mountain Dog has only recently arrived in France and is not very widespread compared to the Bernese Mountain Dog, appreciated more for its teddy bear look.

Living conditions and behavior of the Great Swiss Mountain Dog

The Great Swiss Mountain Dog is an easy-going dog. Always happy, it adapts to all situations and can be lively and playful outside and rather calm and placid inside. It is an animal of great kindness, affectionate and attached to its masters. It can support loneliness provided that it is educated from an early age. And as it has a very developed instinct of protection, it will be able to mount the guard without problem in the house. As for his lifestyle, he prefers to live in a house with a garden and enjoy regular walks. As a working dog, he needs to exercise constantly. He can also get along with children, but it is important to supervise play sessions to avoid incidents due to his large size.

Diet and main health problems of the Great Swiss Mountain Dog

The Great Swiss Mountain Dog is unfortunately not spared from hip dysplasia, which is common to dogs of the same size. It can also be subject to joint diseases as well as osteochondrosis of the shoulder which causes a defect in the cartilage. Beware also of stomach torsion and obesity. In this respect, the health of the animal depends on a balanced and enriched diet of indisputable quality.