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The French Spaniel, gentle, sociable and intelligent dog

Hunting dog, the French Spaniel is not very well known and yet, we should give him all the merits thanks to his multiple qualities. Gentle, sociable and intelligent, he can fully assume the role of pet. But for his happiness to be complete, he absolutely needs active masters.

Characteristics of the French Spaniel

The French Spaniel has all the physical characteristics expected of a pointing dog. It has a strong and robust body, without being coarse. Its morphology is almost identical to that of the Brittany Spaniel except that it is taller. In the standard, it must measure between 54 and 61 cm for an average weight oscillating between 20 and 27 kg. The French Spaniel is a "braccoid" dog. It develops a head representing a rectangular parallelepiped with a forehead marked by a depression. The nostrils are open and the stop is accentuated.

Another particularity of the braccoids is the muzzle which is wide at the ends as well as at the base. The oval shaped eyes are large and display colors in harmony with the coat, preferably cinnamon to brown. The ears are fringed and drooping. The French Spaniel has a long, wavy coat on the tail, back of the legs and ears. On the rest of the body, the hair is flat and dense while having a silky texture. The coat is white and brown and may reveal some flecks.

History of the French Spaniel breed

Do you know the work of Gaston F├ębus? In it, the famous Pyrenean prince, poet and writer of the 14th century speaks of the Oysel dogs, ancestors of the French Spaniel. In the Middle Ages, the breed became very popular, especially among game bird hunters. There is very little information about the true origins of the French Spaniel, but we do know that at the end of the 19th century, the breed almost became extinct. In fact, it lost its popularity to the English Setter and other English breeds. The French Spaniel managed to avoid the decline thanks to the work led by James de Connick.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the French Spaniel

Because of its working dog origins, the French Spaniel will be much happier in the country than in the city. Fortunately, he has a good faculty of adaptation and can evolve very well in a house with a garden or an apartment. In this case, it is imperative to be able to ensure him regular exits and to envisage games and other stimulations in a recurring way so that it is well in its paws. Thus, only available and sporty masters are adapted for this animal. Concerning its character, the French Spaniel is gentle, measured and intelligent. It is pleasant and good with children.

Food and main health problems of the French Spaniel

The French Spaniel does not suffer from any specific genetic defect. However, there are some diseases that can affect him such as eczema, hip dysplasia or cataract. As for his diet, it has nothing special, but it must always be adapted to his physical exercises, his health and his age. He can eat both industrial and homemade food. The ideal is to give him only one meal a day.