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The Finnish Lapphund, a dog with an expressive look

Of a peaceful nature, the Finnish Lapphund will dazzle you with its expressive look, its beautiful and long fur and its fidelity. It is a dog of company par excellence which will be advised more to the sporting people, given its important need for physical exercises.

Characteristics of the Finnish Lapphund

Belonging to the Spitz type of dog, the Finnish Lapphund is of medium size and measures between 41 and 47 cm at the withers and weighs around 20 kg depending on its age and sex. They have a vigorous, triangular body and a solid constitution. The dog is immediately recognizable by its broad, strongly defined head with a tapering muzzle that ends in a black nose. The stop is also accentuated and the furrow is frontal. The dog has oval shaped eyes that reveal a friendly and peaceful air. They are brown in color and match the coat.

The head is enhanced by two triangular, erect ears that are mobile and set wide apart. The coat is long and dense and makes the Finnish Lapphund look like a teddy bear. The coat can have different colors as long as it has a dominant shade and some markings on certain parts of the body, notably the tail, feet, belly, neck, chest and head.

History of the Finnish Lapphund breed

The Finnish Lapphund originated in Finland, more precisely in Lapland, where it was adopted for reindeer herding by the indigenous people of this Scandinavian region. It was also used in the north of Russia and in other Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Sweden or Denmark as a shepherd and herding dog. This breed has had a tumultuous history. Its standard has been modified many times. The same goes for its name. It is only in 1993 that it is definitively named Finnish Lapphund. Its standard will be dissociated from that of the Finnish Lapphund in 1996. The breed is very successful in Finland, but it is also popular in Australia, the United States, Canada and several European countries.

Living conditions and behavior of the Finnish Lapphund

Lapponian Finns are known for being courageous, alert and docile. They develop a calm and peaceful temperament, devoid of any form of aggression, except perhaps towards strangers, against whom they are very suspicious. As it is an alert dog, it can put off those who cannot stand noise. In any case, it will be necessary to educate it from its youngest age so that it learns to control itself. Another thing, as the Finnish Lapphund is a shepherd dog and naturally needs to exercise, a house with a garden will suit him with regular outings.

Diet and main health problems of the Lapphund

The advantage of the Lapphund is that it is very resistant to bad weather and harsh temperatures. However, it is necessary to watch out for eye diseases such as cataracts or retinal atrophy.