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The Belgian Greenland Shepherd Dog, elegant and harmonious black dog

Full of life, the Belgian Greenland Shepherd will give happiness to the families ready to welcome him in their home. It is an easy to train dog, affectionate, very gentle and protective towards children. He has everything to be the best companion dog there is.

Characteristics of the Belgian Greenland Shepherd Dog

Like many Belgian Shepherds, the Groenendael reveals an elegant and harmonious look. This large dog inspires strength and power. He measures an average of 58 cm for females and 62 cm for males. This dog has a proudly carried head that is well defined, straight and long. The forehead is slightly rounded with a broad skull, a moderately accentuated median furrow.

The muzzle of medium length, the black nose and the little marked stop are other physical characteristics of this animal. He has almond-shaped eyes with brown or dark color. They are expressive and show vivacity, softness and intelligence. The triangular shaped ears are carried high and are not very large. And what about the coat which is another specificity of Groenendael. It is zain black, i.e. exclusively black, uniform and devoid of white. The coat is long and smooth.

History of the Belgian Greenland Shepherd Dog breed

Of Belgian origin, Groenendael comes from the village of the same name. It is a relatively old breed that appeared in the 19th century. Its creator is Nicolas Rose, a lord lord living in this village, who crossed a long-haired black-haired bitch with a herding dog resembling him.

The black color of the breed was not very popular among Belgian shepherd breeders. Nevertheless, the Groenendael was able to distinguish itself thanks to its qualities as a herdsman. Through his exceptional flair, he also served the police and rescue services in research work. Just like the other shepherd dogs such as the Laekenois, the Tervueren or the Malinois, the recognition by the FCI (Fédération cynologique internationale) will be made in 1956.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Belgian Greenland Shepherd Dog

Groenendael shines by its intelligence and vitality. It is always in search of an activity to practice in order not to get bored and to expend itself. It is an extremely vigilant animal, which is why it has been successful in herding. It is also determined, protective and courageous. His affectionate and easygoing character explains his success with children with whom he gets along very well. Moreover, his education is relatively easy since he remains a dog who understands easily and is alert. However, because he is a sporty dog, he needs owners who are able to satisfy his needs for physical activity.

Nutrition and main health problems of the Belgian Greenland Shepherd Dog

Like all large dogs, the Groenendael is not spared from hip dysplasia if no supervision or attention is paid to them. Muscular dystrophy is one of the pathologies that can affect him, as well as ear problems. In addition, because he is an active dog, he needs a rich diet, without being fat and sweet.