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The Beagle-Harrier, a brave and affectionate hound

The Beagle-Harrier is a brave and affectionate hound, a breed made in France that shines by its good character. It is the ideal animal for children, because it is also gentle and playful.

Characteristics of the Beagle-Harrier

The Beagle-Harrier has a well-proportioned, medium-sized body that exudes suppleness, vigor and natural elegance. On average, it measures between 45 and 50 cm for a weight around 20 kg, according to whether it is a female or a male. Its body ends with a tail carried high and of intermediate length. The Beagle-Harrier is recognizable by its face marked by a strong and long head, with a slightly domed and broad skull. This dog stands out especially by its large ears designated as "half-breasted" and hanging down the skull. The breed has wide-open, dark-colored eyes that express determination, intelligence and cheerfulness. In relation to its coat, it is thick, short and flat lying. The coat is always tricolored and has different color combinations: fawn with a black and gray or white or black and white coat.

History of the Beagle-Harrier breed

The Beagle-Harrier originated in France, while the breeds that contributed to the crossbreeding came from Great Britain. This dog is actually the result of a hybridization between the Beagle and the Harrier. It is likely that the Briquet du Sud-Ouest was also used in its creation. It is the baron GĂ©rard Grandin de l'Eprevier who contributed to develop this breed from the XIXth century. His goal was to obtain a hunting dog that was both fast and larger than the Beagle. The Beagle-Harrier excelled in hunting foxes, hares, wild boars or deer. And despite its talents, it is however little known outside the French borders.

Living conditions and behavior of the Beagle-Harrier

The Beagle-Harrier is a hunting dog. In its genes are mixed the need for freedom and an excess of energy. This is to say that this animal will not be happy if he is confined in a closed place. Life in an apartment? Very little for him. He prefers country houses with garden to be able to frolic as he pleases. Concerning his character, the Beagle-Harrier is courageous, loyal, curious, intelligent and affectionate. As he has a very developed sense of play, he will make the perfect roommate for children. This breed has a certain sociability towards its fellow dogs since it has been used to living in a pack.

Diet and main health problems of the Beagle-Harrier

Fearing neither heat nor cold, the Beagle-Harrier is a symbol of resistance and robustness. Nevertheless, you must watch a few pathologies, some of which are very atypical, such as malocclusion, an abnormality of the teeth alignment that disturbs the muscular function of the jaws. Hip dysplasia can also affect this breed because of its large size. Otherwise, as far as food is concerned, you should know that the Beagle-Harrier is an incorrigible gourmet, a behavior that makes him easily prone to overweight. Rationalize its food is de rigueur to avoid this problem.