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The 10 must-have accessories for your dog

When you welcome a dog in your home, it is very important to buy him some essential accessories for his meals, his rest, his toilet but also for his walks. Here are ten must-have dog accessories and their price range.

Bowl and water bowl

Essential for separating solid food and drinking water, dog bowls must be chosen wisely. The diameter of the bowl should be adapted to the size of the dog, i.e. the bowls for a Great Dane will not be the same as those for a Chihuahua. A pyramid shape and high edges are perfect for dog breeds with hanging ears.

Bowls should be stable and easy to clean. Heavy ceramic or stainless steel bowls are preferred, provided they are non-slip, as this material is relatively light. Plastic should be avoided if you have a dog with a contact allergy.

Dog bowls and water bowls should be cleaned every day so that they don't turn into a breeding ground!

Dog bowls cost between 3 and 15 $. The budget is more important if you choose a bowl with an automatic dispenser, since it costs at least 60 $.

The collar

The dog collar comes in many models, to be chosen according to the size of the animal and its behavior.

The harness is recommended rather than the collar for a dog that constantly pulls on its leash, knowing that for the master, some sudden movements of the animal are difficult to control with a collar and the latter ends up causing pain in the throat of the dog.

Here are some examples of dog collar prices.
  • Anti-bark collar : from 20 to 40 $.
  • Metal chain collar : from 5 $.
The harness is a dog accessory that is easy to put on and take off by the owner and very comfortable for the animal. Thanks to its ring it can be connected to a leash. A dog harness costs between 5 and 30 $.

The leash

Very useful for walks in all places where dogs must be kept on a leash, this accessory comes in many models to best suit the size - and strength - of the dog. For small dogs or puppies, the owner can choose a nylon leash with an adjustable length reel. A leather or nylon leash should be avoided if you have a dog that chews everything within reach.

A metal leash is ideal because it is very strong. A thin chain is sufficient for a puppy or a small breed dog. A large chain with large links is required for a large dog and a zinc-plated steel swivel snap hook attachment system is preferred.

For a good grip, you can choose a leash with a leather strap.

The price of a leash is very variable:
  • Flexible leash with reel: from 10 to 20 $.
  • Leather leash of different lengths and widths: from 15 $.
  • Metal leash with leather strap: from 10 to 35 $.

The identification medallion

In case of a runaway or if the dog gets lost, the identification tag allows the person who finds the animal to contact its owner without waiting. On this small plate to hang on the collar, you can engrave the name of the dog and the mobile number of its owner for example as well as the address of the latter.

A dog tag with a hanging ring costs between 5 and 20 $, engraving generally included.

The basket

The dog needs a place of its own where it can curl up safely. A good, comfortable basket or a basket with a soft cushion is the essential accessory for small or large dogs. Giving your dog a basket also prevents him from squatting on the sofa. Made of wicker, plastic or fully removable padded fabric, it doesn't matter what you choose as long as it is easy to clean and the dog feels comfortable in it.

You can choose a length of 70, 90 or 120 cm depending on whether you have a small breed, medium breed or large breed dog.

Depending on its model and size, the dog bed costs on average between 20 and 180 $, the most expensive being more sophisticated than a dog bed since it is a dog sofa.

The brush

Comb, card and brush allow the daily maintenance of the dog's coat. In addition to limiting the formation of knots, grooming is essential to keep the coat beautiful and healthy, and to keep the dog looking good. Moreover, brushing is a moment of well-being for the animal and allows the owner to check the good health of the undercoat but also to look for any trace of parasites such as fleas or ticks.

It costs between 10 and 40 $ depending on the model.

The carrying case

Necessary for air or train travel, the transport case or crate is also essential when you decide to take the road with your dog. The crate can be just as indispensable for a simple visit to the veterinarian.

The size of the transport case is chosen according to the size of the dog. It can be foldable or not, and can be made of fabric, plastic or iron. Its price varies from 30 to 250 $.

Please note that to travel by plane with your dog, the owner must use an approved crate that meets the IATA standard.

Tick tweezers

This accessory allows you to remove all the ticks that your dog might bring back from a walk. Easy to use, the tick tweezers must be used without delay because this mite is well known to be responsible for Lyme disease and others.

The price of a tick catcher is about 10 $.

The thermometer

The thermometer allows you to take your dog's temperature when he doesn't seem to be in the best of shape. It is normal when it is between 38 and 39°C. If it is lower or higher, the cause must be found. When the dog's body temperature is abnormal for more than 24 hours, it is best to consult the veterinarian. It is important to note the various associated symptoms such as trembling, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite and to inform him.

It is better to use a rectal thermometer - whose average price is 15 $ - rather than a frontal model because the first one allows to obtain a much more reliable result. However, taking the temperature with this type of accessory can be dangerous for some relatively agitated dogs. In this case, it is better to leave this task to the veterinarian.

The toy

It is not one but several toys that we advise to offer to your dog in order to encourage its development and to make sure that it does not get bored. Specialized stores offer an interesting range of games and toys from 5 to 100 $, that is to say the extent of the range. From the rubber bone to the indestructible ball and the agility swing, the master can find something to please his little companion.