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Dog house : how to choose it ? Our advice

The dog house allows the animal to have a place of its own. Offering him this type of habitat is a really good idea as long as you choose the right model. Its look should not be the determining factor. A dog house can be very aesthetic but poorly designed, uncomfortable or not adapted to the size of the dog. Let's see how to choose a dog house so that the dog is happy day and night and in any season.

Criteria for choosing a dog house

In addition to the price of the dog house, which obviously weighs in the balance, you should always think about the climate of the region in which it will be installed. In fact, you don't choose the same type of dog house depending on whether you live in the South of France or in the North East.

The kennel must be able to shelter the dog from cold winds, lightning, rain, hail, snow and ambient humidity, but also from heat. It should never be a steam room or an icebox, so it is important to choose a dog house with good thermal insulation. It is also essential that its configuration has been well thought out so that the dog does not feel lost or cramped. It must be possible for him to move around a little and to be comfortable, whether he is sitting, standing or lying down.

So, we don't choose a kennel at random or only because it's fun. It must correspond in all points to the needs of the animal. The main criteria for choosing a dog house are as follows.


We generally find kennels made of wood, PVC, resin and metal.

Wood: this material is an excellent insulator. It is a good protection against wind, cold and heat. It is solid and durable provided that you take care to maintain the kennel regularly and treat it with a special wood product that is non-toxic for dogs. It is preferable to choose a dog house made of treated wood with a perfect finish to avoid the risk of injury due to splinters, for example.

Beware, a wooden dog house is not recommended for a dog that tends to chew everything because it may swallow wood chips and splinters in the long run.

The wooden kennel is a good product that the owner can stain, paint or decorate as he wishes to personalize it. It is necessary to choose the right place at the beginning because it is relatively heavy, especially if it is large, and therefore quite difficult to move.

PVC: it is a light plastic material with a low density and an average lifespan. The PVC dog house is rather adapted to a mild climate because of its low thermal insulation capacity. It is resistant to insects and mildew and can be cleaned with a sponge or a medium-pressure jet, possibly with a non-polluting cleaning product such as black soap. Lightweight, it is easy to move.

Resin: stronger than PVC, this composite material is a polyester resin. Generally, the kennel is made of a plywood structure covered with a layer of resin. It has a good longevity because it is resistant and easy to maintain.

Metal: this is a material that is increasingly rarely used for the manufacture of kennels. Although it is easy to clean and extremely robust, metal does not allow the dog to be sheltered from temperature variations. At most, he can be protected from rain or wind, but he will be too cold or too hot because metal is not a thermal insulator.

The size of the kennel

The size of the kennel should be carefully considered, because if you choose a kennel that is too big or too small, the dog will not really want to settle there. They must correspond to the size of the animal. The principle for determining this criterion of choice is simple. From the floor to the ceiling, the kennel must measure one and a half times the height of the dog. For the width, you must choose the model that allows the animal to turn around easily without being too spacious because he likes to be able to curl up to be warm.

The configuration

If the kennel has two openings (a door and a window, for example), it is better that they are not facing each other, but on the contrary, they should be staggered in order to prevent the dog from being subjected to draughts. It is also preferable that the door be placed in a corner rather than in the middle. This way, the animal will be much better protected from the wind and will have a space to curl up in.

It is important to choose a kennel with an insulating floor so that the humidity of the ground does not rise in the shelter and that insects and spiders cannot penetrate it.

Its roof must be perfectly waterproof and insulating but also removable to allow regular cleaning of the inside of the kennel without the master having to contort himself to perform this task.

The awning or canopy is a plus. It adds style to the kennel, but it also allows the dog to sit outside the shelter while being protected from bad weather or sunlight. With a shaded entrance, the kennel benefits from a more pleasant interior temperature.

Ease of maintenance

The kennel must be able to be cleaned from top to bottom on a regular basis. The easier it is to clean, the less likely it is that this task will be postponed and neglected, or not done at all. As mentioned above, a removable roof is ideal, but you can also opt for a dog house with folding side walls.

The price of the dog house

Once you have found the ideal dog house for your dog, all you have to do is compare the prices of the models of equal quality. The price differences are significant, since the budget to spend on this purchase is between 40 and 800 € knowing that a PVC dog house for small dogs is among the cheapest and that the solid wood dog house for giant dogs can reach peaks. Size, material, insulation, configuration, style, brand... everything is to be taken into account before buying.

In addition to providing your dog with a suitable dog house, it is important to know where to install it. The perfect location is sheltered from the wind. Avoid full sun and opt for a shady area. Finally, when welcoming a dog into your home, it is essential to secure the garden. This is very important to reduce the risk of wandering and exposing the animal to accidents. It also prevents the dog from invading the neighbors' homes, because if it causes damage to their property, the good atmosphere that has existed until now in the neighborhood is likely to be damaged.