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The Shar Pei: rustic breed of dog with multiple folds

 It is immediately recognizable by the multiple folds forming on his body. The Shar-pei is a rustic breed very endearing, but which needs a firm education because of its rather dominant character. In any case, it remains a perfect family pet.

Characteristics of Shar Pei

Measuring on average 51 cm at the withers and weighing 20 to 25 kg, the Shar-pei is a medium-sized dog that is distinguished by its rather massive body and by the folds that cover it. He has a harsh, bristly and short coat that is also thick. To the touch, the texture is reminiscent of the roughness of sand. The standard admits several colors of coat namely blue, brown, black, cream, fawn or beige. It is necessary that the tone is simply plain. Another particularity: like chow-chow, Shar-pei also has a blue tongue. Like its body, it also has a face with folds. If we look more closely, we notice a muzzle that resembles that of the hippopotamus. The head is large compared to the rest of the body and has small, thick ears.

History of the Shar Pei breed

Shar-pei has very ancient origins. We find the first traces of it in China, nearly 2000 years ago. Figurines and statuettes representing the animal were discovered in the tombs of the Han dynasty and are exhibited in many prestigious museums around the world. Historians claim that this dog was mainly used for hunting and guarding by peasants. In ancient China, dog fighting was very popular and the Shar-pei was also used for this purpose. From the 1900s, we almost witnessed the extinction of this breed without the passion of some breeders who saved it by exporting some specimens to the United States.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of Shar Pei

In family, the Shar-pei is an affectionate, endearing and gentle animal. It is very loyal to its masters and has difficulty to bear their absence. It even happens that it lets itself wither when it is abandoned. It has a protective instinct and imposes itself as a very good guardian. On the other hand, it is important to know that it is a temperamental animal. It tends to want to dominate, hence the importance of a good education from a young age. It is also a sensitive dog that can sulk for long hours if you scold him for something he thinks he doesn't deserve.

Nutrition and main health problems of Shar Pei

Like most dogs, the Shar-pei needs a diet adapted to the physical activities it practices, its age and its health. Avoid giving him table scraps, as our food is often too fatty for dogs.

On the health side, it is important to watch out for possible skin problems. The innumerable folds on his body lead to infections, irritations and parasites. Skin problems are not uncommon as well.