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The English Springer, docile and playful dog

A former hunting dog, the English Springer now bears the title of companion dog. A role that he fulfills to perfection being an affectionate, docile and playful dog. Children will find in him a wonderful playmate.

Characteristics of the English Springer

Belonging to the large family of spaniels, the English Springer has a harmonious body that is both solid and compact. It measures on average 51 cm and weighs between 18 and 22 kg for males and about 18 kg for females. It is the highest legged breed among spaniels. The English Springer has a head with a rounded and broad skull. Its muzzle is not very long and forms a kind of square. The ears carried high are wide and long and are covered with a fringe. The English Springer owes its particularity in particular to its look which is at the same time soft and sad. His eyes are medium sized, almond shaped and dark hazelnut in color. Attention, the light shades are penalized by the standard. As for the coat, it is medium long, straight and dense. Bangs are visible on the belly and legs. The standard admits liver and white (with tan spots) or black and white.

History of the English Springer breed

Originally from the British Isles, the English Springer is a very old breed which is mentioned from the seventeenth century. Initially, it was mainly used in hunting water and land game. It was particularly famous for its incredible ability to find or drive away greyhounds or falcons. Later on, his talent was used for research, retrieving or raising game. The first standard of this breed will be established by the Sporting Spaniel Society in 1902. The recognition by the American Kennel Club and the English Kennel Club will take place 8 years later. As regards the Fédération cynologique internationale (FCI), the authority will recognize it in 1954.

Necessary living conditions and behaviour of the English Springer

Being a hunting dog, the Springer needs to exercise a lot and must especially evolve in large spaces. Small, confined apartments are not for him. He will be more comfortable in a large house with a large garden, next to sporting masters who will be able to satisfy his need for physical activity. He is a dog that is docile, easy to live with, obedient and very cheerful. Above all, he likes to please his owners, to whom he feels a lot of affection. He also appreciates children and will never be against the idea of playing games with them.

Nutrition and main health problems of the English Springer

The English Springer can be a victim of some common conditions such as hip dysplasia, skin problems, deafness or eye problems. To stay in shape, he needs to consume a good quality diet that can be home-made or industrial. In the second case, it is preferable to choose premium kibbles. And as he is a rather greedy dog, the quantity of his food is to be watched.