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The English Pointer, a real hunting dog

King of the hunt, the English Pointer has the looks and talents needed to fully assume this role. Powerful and athletic, the English Pointer is an intelligent, early learning dog that is easy to train. He is also perfect as a pet because of his demonstrative character, his affection and his docility.

Characteristics of the English Pointer

Having a physiognomy of the medio-linear type, the English Pointer has a body inscribed in a square which reveals power and a marked musculature. The males measure between 63 and 69 cm and the females are about 66 cm and weigh between 20 and 30 kg all sexes. The English Pointer has a broad skull doubled with a stop accentuated whose length is equivalent to that of the muzzle.

It is precisely distinguished by this muzzle which curves like a trumpet. The round eyes are large, very expressive and have a dark ochre color. The ears have rounded tips and are set high. They are of medium size and are supple and fine. The English Pointer has a short, shiny, smooth, but hard coat. The coat is generally bicolor. It has a white tone with orange, lemon, black or brown notes. The standard can also tolerate tricolored or even unicolored dresses.

History of the breed English Pointer

Contrary to what one might think, the English Pointer does not originate directly from England, but rather from Spain. Its ancestor would have as ancestor the Spanish Pointer. It was then imported to England where breeders started breeding programs. The Pointer was notably crossed with the English Foxhound to gain in elegance and lightness since it was too heavy to adapt to the English hunting methods. It is very appreciated in hunting thanks to its faculty of "pointer" (it lies down on the belly to indicate the presence of game). In 1891, an English Pointer club was even created in the face of the breed's success.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the English Pointer

Agile and powerful, the English Pointer is distinguished by its speed, endurance and exceptional flair, which is why it wins the favor of all game bird hunters. At the same time, it is also a perfect pet because it is a calm, considerate, docile and loyal dog. He is very affectionate towards his masters and devotes himself to them with true devotion. It is a dog without aggressiveness and very sociable. His origins as a hunting dog oblige, he needs to spend himself to the maximum. A sedentary life is certainly not for him.

Diet and main health problems of the English Pointer

If it is involved in hunting activities, the English Pointer can be affected by ear infections or parasites causing inflammation in the ears. Retinal problems can also occur as well as eyelid curling. Besides, it is a robust dog that does not suffer from hereditary diseases. His good health will be assured thanks to a rich diet, adapted to his energy expenditure.