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The Briard: a dog with the look of a teddy bear and a thick coat

 The Briard is a big teddy bear with a long thick coat, a model of courage and obedience. If it has been used for many generations as a herding, guard or even defense dog, today it is one of the best companion dogs to have in a family.

Characteristics of the Briard

The Brie Shepherd Dog stands out from the start with its long, supple fur, reminiscent of that of the goat, which gives it its full presence. Moreover, this one must be the object of a very specific care. To avoid knots, its hair must be brushed every day. On the other hand, frequent washing should be avoided, especially if the dog is presented at shows. Juries tend to appreciate the rustic look of his coat. Even the beard, mustache and eyebrows are well furnished. The dense locks that hide his eyes give him a mysterious look. The coat can be fawn, black, grey, coal fawn or blue. The Brie Sheepdog has a robust body marked by harmonious muscles. He has large eyes, wide nostrils and a black nose.

History of the Briard

The origins of the Briard are rather vague. Specialists have not yet been able to identify its ancestors. However, it is believed that this breed is the result of a cross between Beauceron and Barbet, two animals of French origin. Briard was ignored for very long periods of time until 1863 when it was presented for the first time in a Parisian dog show. Before that, he would have been assigned to protection or herding missions. Today, he remains the ally of the shepherds and also evolves with the families as a pet.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Briard

Even if it is used in defense and guard, the Brie Shepherd remains a harmless animal. It is quiet, affectionate and cheerful. In addition to being endowed with a balanced character, it is protective and loyal to its masters whom it will love above all else. Moreover, to protect his family, he may be suspicious of strangers. A temperament that will need to be worked on from a young age to better develop his sociability. This dog does not appreciate being alone and being locked up in the house all day long. He needs activities because he is a sporting dog. It is preferable to offer him a spacious environment with a garden.

Diet and main health problems of the Briard

The Brie Sheepdog can be a victim of certain pathologies starting with night blindness affecting 5% of the dogs of this breed. It can also be affected by problems of torsion or stomach dilatation. Finally, it is prudent to watch out for hip dysplasia problems that generally affect large dogs.

For his health, the Brie Shepherd Dog should enjoy a healthy and balanced diet. It is not a concern if he eats several times during the day as long as the meals remain light.