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The Belgian Tervueren Shepherd Dog, a sporty and intelligent dog

Belonging to the great family of the Belgian Shepherds, the Tervueren is an inveterate, very intelligent sportsman who is also deeply attached to his masters, even if it means giving his life to protect them. This dog, as powerful as it is elegant, is only intended for people with a solid foundation in dog training.

Characteristics of the Belgian Tervueren Shepherd Dog

The Belgian Shepherd Dog comes in four main varieties: Malinois, Laekenois, Groenendael and Tervueren. Each species is distinguished mainly by its coat. In the case of the Tervueren, it has long hair, just like the Groenendael. The coat is thicker on the chest, tail, neck and back of the thighs. On the head, the bottom of the limbs and the external part of the ears, the hair will be shorter. Another distinctive feature of the Tervueren is the coat which must be fawn charcoal. Charcoal gray is also allowed.

In order not to be penalized by the standard, the Tervueren must absolutely show a black pigmentation at the level of the chops, the upper eyelids and the ears. As far as his morphology is concerned, he is a hardy dog, harmoniously proportioned and endowed with a medioline body. At the withers, it measures between 56 and 60 cm and weighs between 20 and 30 kg depending on whether it is a male or a female. The Tervueren has a long head ending in a fine muzzle. The almond-shaped eyes are brownish in color and of medium size. The ears are fairly small, triangular and set high.

History of the Tervueren Belgian Shepherd Dog Breed

The Tervueren comes from Belgium, more precisely from Tervueren which is located in Brabant, near Brussels. He was born around the XIXth century and is said to be descended from the black Groenendael and another fawn-colored sheepdog. Its appearance is at the initiative of a group of cynophiles of the veterinary school of Cureghen having at its head professor Reul. It was in 1894 that the first standard was established for the Belgian Shepherd Dog. The Tervueren in particular was a dog in charge of guarding herds and dedicated to protection. His skills were then used in research and security.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Tervueren

The Tervueren can take on the role of both working dog and pet at the same time, as long as he is part of a dynamic family, as he needs a lot of exercise. This tireless dog is suitable for agility training. He is distinguished by his devotion to his masters and by his loyalty. He is very intelligent, active, observant and vigilant. He likes to show affection and is gentle and patient with children.

Diet and main health problems of the Tervueren

The Tervueren must benefit from a diet compatible with his lifestyle in order to avoid deficiencies or overweight. The ideal is to opt for a food rich in carbohydrates and proteins that will meet his energy expenditure. On the health side, he may suffer from thyroid problems, epileptic episodes, but also hip dysplasia.